Knaresborough Friendship & Leisure Centre

23 Market Place,


North Yorkshire,


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Charity Number 213110

Opening Times


We endeavour to be open at the following times…


Monday       10-12 & 2-4

Tuesday       10-12 & 2-4

Wednesday 10-12 & 2-4

Thursday     10-12

Friday           10-12 & 2-4

Saturday      10-12

Sunday closed





Cllr David Goode, President & Town Mayor      Harrogate 860766

Mr John Moore,  Chairman, Trustee & Parcels  Harrogate 864842

Mrs Gillian Mercer,  Trustee & Treasurer           Harrogate 867261

Mrs Sue Boddy  Vice Chair, Trustee                    Harrogate 865431

Shan Oakes, Secretary                                           Harrogate 549376  

Mrs Carol Cressey,                                                 Harrogate 860669

Ms Carole Reid                                                        Harrogate  861221

Mrs Tracy Plews                                                     Harrogate 864887      

Mrs Margaret Walker                                            Harrogate 864092

Mrs Pauline Murray                                               Harrogate 863188

Mrs Yvonne Houseman                                         Harrogate 864253

Mrs Pat Gambles                                                    Harrogate 862897

Mrs Brenda Johnson                                              Harrogate 863253

Mrs Joan Collins                                                     Harrogate 868356                  

Volunteer Co-ordinators


Holy Trinity              Mrs Pat Gambles                 Harrogate 862897

St. John's Church     Mrs Sue Boddy                    Harrogate 865431

St Mary's Church    Mrs Brenda Johnson           Harrogate 863253

Gracious St Methd Mrs Josie Burdon                 Harrogate 862568

Aspin WI                   Mrs Margaret Walker         Harrogate 864092

Volunteers                Mrs Margaret Walker        Harrogate 864092

        "                         Mrs Joan Collins                 Harrogate 868356

        "                         Mrs Sandra Jackson            Harrogate 864916

If you need to discuss any issues regarding the Centre then please make contact by telephone if you can identify the person who can help.


If in doubt then please send an Email and we will direct it to the person concerned.

Email :


Every Wednesday evening at the F&L


All welcome – friendly atmosphere.

Opens at 6:30 pm for a 7:00pm start and runs through to approx. 8:30pm

Ring Anita Wood on Harrogate 865991

or just turn up