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Knaresborough Christmas Parcels

For many years (circa 1950) the Friendship and Leisure Centre have been organising Christmas Parcels given to those locals who have attained the age of 75 and are living alone.

We normally distribute over 300 parcels which are given out a couple of weeks before Christmas.

We get donations from many generous organisations in Knaresborough typically totalling about £5000 and this is spent mainly on groceries and taking advantage of special offers.

A large team of volunteers assemble on a Saturday morning to pack and then distribute over 5000 items.


Knaresborough United Reform Church Hall on Windsor Lane is where the Volunteers assemble the Christmas Parcels.

Contributors to the 2019 Xmas Parcels


(This note was included in each of the 310 parcels. On the back of each note were vouchers entitling the holder and a friend to coffee or tea on three visits during 2020

Parcel2019 2019Thanks

A selection of 'Thank You' cards and notes received at the Centre following the delivery of the 2019 Parcels.